Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rise of Fire Review


        The richly suspenseful sequel to Sophie Jordan’s romantic fantasy Reign of Shadows.

        Luna and Fowler have escaped the kingdom of Relhok, but they haven’t escaped the darkness. When a battle against the dark dwellers mortally injures Fowler, Luna is faced with a choice: put their fate in the hands of mysterious strangers or risk losing Fowler forever.

         Desperate to keep the one bright part of her life alive, Luna accepts the help of soldiers from a nearby kingdom. Lagonia’s castle offers reprieve from the dangerous outside world—until the king discovers both Fowler's and Luna’s true ties to Relhok and their influence over the throne.

         Now pawns in each kingdom’s political game, Luna and Fowler are more determined than ever to escape and build the life they’ve been dreaming of. But their own pasts have a tight hold on their hearts and their destinies. Luna must embrace the darkness and fire within her before she loses not only Fowler, but the power she was destined to inherit.

         This book picks up where Reign of Shadows left off. The last book (spoilers) ended with Luna jumping in a hole (where the dwellers live) after Fowler who sacrificed himself to save her. She finds him pretty quickly and they escape but that doesn't mean they're safe. Fowler is poisoned by the dwellers "toxin" which slowly, and utterly painfully, kills the victim. But soldiers from the bordering country find them and bring them to their king because one of them instantly recognizes Fowler for who he truly is.
Once at the palace, the king instantly recognizes Luna because she looks exactly like her mother (who the king courted before she chose Luna's father). Fowler meets his betrothed (since birth) and Luna gets engaged to Chasan (King Tebald's son). Luna and Fowler have to hide their feelings for each other in order to pretend they are content where they are when really all they want is to escape.

         For the new characters, I liked Chasan the best. He kind of fell "insta in love" with Luna which was a little strange but whenever he was in a scene, I was like, I WANT MORE CHASAN! His sister was really annoying but their personalities were so different that it brought a whole new dynamic to the story.
        It kind of upset me that both Luna and Fowler got forced into engagements (which is a common thing in fantasy books when you're a royal) but I liked their unwavering love to each other. Even though Luna tries to force herself to move on from Fowler (because of what she found out in the last book) she just can't because what they have is something more than a crush.
        I really like the darkness of the world. How being outside is really dangerous. Every moment they have to be out there, there's ton of action and keeps my heart pumping in anticipation. I love how Luna learned how to adapt so she could still shoot things with a bow and arrows (even though she's blind.)
        I wasn't a fan that there wasn't much description (even in Fowler's point of view). I understand why there isn't in Luna's because she's blind but Fowler CAN see and I wanted to see more of the world, palace, tunnels, everything. The only other thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the rushed ending. Yes, it was nice and satisfying to have a "happy" ending, but when I was like 90% of the way through the book, I was like, no way this can end so quickly. This duology should have either been a standalone or a trilogy because she could have shrunk it into one book or stretched it out into three. 
       Overall, I gave Rise of Fire 4 stars because the good outweighed the negative. I always enjoy Sophie's books and can't wait to read more from her!

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