Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Too Tempting Excerpt

Too Tempting (Lewis Cousins #1)
By Bethany Lopez

Gabriel "Gabe" Lewis retired from the NFL and returned home to Cherry Springs. He combined his passion for football with camping and is now the owner of a football camp for teens. His summers are dedicated to spending time with family and teaching his campers about the sport he loves.

Zoey Zahn is a quirky, introverted writer and self-proclaimed geek. When she's asked if she’ll accompany her nephew, Christopher, to camp, Zoey agrees, envisioning quiet evenings of writing in the great outdoors. After she stumbles upon Gabe, however, quiet evenings alone are the last thing on her mind.

The chemistry between Gabe and Zoey is undeniable, but as camp ends, a brewing storm causes their blooming relationship to fumble. All Gabe knows is that Zoey is Too Tempting to deny, and he's determined to overcome the obstacles between them to be the man she deserves.

Too Tempting is the first in an all-new small town romance series by Bethany Lopez. Follow the Lewis cousins of Cherry Springs, the kind of place where there are festivals for every occasion and everyone knows your business, as they learn about love and loss.

I was jogging up the path when the razzing began.
“Walk of shame, is it?”
I lifted my head to see Reardon and Dillon sitting in the rockers on my cabin’s front
porch, each of them rocking slightly, giant cups of coffee in their hands.
“Jealous?” I asked Reardon with a grin as I made my way up the steps.
“Bet your ass,” he admitted, causing me to chuckle.
“Let me grab a quick shower and one of those,” I said, indicating his coffee.
“Take your time,” Dillon said, closing his eyes and leaning his head back against the
chair. “I’m happy right here.”
True to my word, I was back out on deck seven minutes later with my hair still damp and
a steaming mug of java in my hand.
“Ready?” I asked, already walking down the steps.
I heard Dillon groan, but knew they were following me when I heard the creak of the
wood porch.
“So, did you have a nice evening?” Reardon asked as he matched his steps to mine.
“Yeah,” I replied vaguely.
“Was everything okay? With Zoey, I mean…” Dillon asked, falling in on my other side.
“The girls said she wasn’t mad or anything.”
“No, she wasn’t mad, just got some inspiration for her writing and had to go get it down
on paper,” I replied, smiling at the memory of Zoey’s abrupt exit.
“She’s a little nutty,” Reardon said, but just as I was about to reply he added, “I like that
about her.”
Rather than taking offense, I agreed, “Yeah, me too.”
“She’s pretty cool,” Dillon put in. “I’m kind of pissed I didn’t arrive sooner.”
I turned to my cousin, one eyebrow raised, and asked, “You think that would have made
a difference?”

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