Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Truthwitch Review

Truthwitch (Witchland Series #1)
By Susan Dennard
Goodreads Summary:
In a continent on the edge of war, two witches hold its fate in their hands.

Young witches Safiya and Iseult have a habit of finding trouble. After clashing with a powerful Guildmaster and his ruthless Bloodwitch bodyguard, the friends are forced to flee their home.

Safi must avoid capture at all costs as she's a rare Truthwitch, able to discern truth from lies. Many would kill for her magic, so Safi must keep it hidden - lest she be used in the struggle between empires. And Iseult's true powers are hidden even from herself.

In a chance encounter at Court, Safi meets Prince Merik and makes him a reluctant ally. However, his help may not slow down the Bloodwitch now hot on the girls' heels. All Safi and Iseult want is their freedom, but danger lies ahead. With war coming, treaties breaking and a magical contagion sweeping the land, the friends will have to fight emperors and mercenaries alike. For some will stop at nothing to get their hands on a Truthwitch.

Gabrielle's 5 star Review:
Imagine diving into a world and being torn to shreds... Only to find a lulling balm for your wounds... Then your heart is ripped out of your body but you can't resist reading more. That was how my reading experience was while reading Truthwitch by Susan Dennard.
Safi is a truthwitch. No one can find out because then emperors and empresses will want to posses her. Iseult is a weavewitch but she is also looked down on for her heritage. These two girls are best friends against all odds.
The book starts out with Safi and Iz starting trouble with a guild that hired a bloodwitch. The girls fight them and manage to run off but that doesn't mean they're safe. The bloodwitch hunts them using their blood's scent.
Safi meets Merik who is prince of Nubrevna but at first neither of them know who the other is... Not until they bump into each other at a ball type event. They dance together and something sparks between them but they can't tell if it's hatred or fondness. After Merik leaves, it is announced that Safi is betrothed to the emperor and she has to escape.
Different empires seek Safi as does the bloodwitch... It's full of action, love, adventure... It is everything I love in a YA Fantasy novel!
I read this whole book in less than a day. I couldn't stop reading. I loved Merik and Safi. Their chemistry exploded off the page... 
And against my better judgement, I loved the bloodwitch. He was an interesting character. He isn't quite a bad guy but not a good guy... He likes to play by his own rules. 
And Iz was an interesting character but out of the main people, she was probably my least favorite. Her and Safi did have an amazing friendship, though.
I wasn't sure who to root for during this epic ride. Anyone who loves YA Fantasy will enjoy this book! I highly recommend it!

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